HVAC’s First-Choice Power Tube Bender

2023 Dealer Design Award Winner!

It is a tough and frustrating job for HVAC Service Techs when bending large diameter tubes, which consumes tremendous labor work while needs precise focus on bending angles. Furthermore, to get the tube out of a traditional bender mandrel is another frustrating moment. Suitable for tubing sizing 1/4” to 7/8” OD, NAVAC NTB7L saves tons of your time and labor, and makes the job much easier. By pressing a single controller switch, you can bend the tube to any desired angle. When a bend is completed, the baffle will push the tube out automatically while tool resets, helping you to remove the tube effortlessly. Its large capacity lithium battery makes over 100 bends each charge and can be fully charged in 30 minutes. The reverse bending kit NTBRK is available and sold separately.

  • Battery-Driven Effortless Bending: Powerful for large-size tubing.
  • Push and hold for 90° bending, and stop at any time for customized angles.
  • Automatic tube release.
  • Patented Tubing Size Selector: 7 sizes in one selector, easy to switch to different tubing size settings.
  • Easy Operation: Ergonomic handle design.
  • Large Lithium Battery: Over 100 bends per charge. Quick charge in 30 minutes. Battery power indicator shows you remaining battery life.
  • Quick connect mandrels and crossbar.

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