Q: How and where can I buy NAVAC parts?

A: Please find the part number here. Then please call your local distributor or a NAVAC authorized online seller, provide them with the parts# you need and they will order it from us.

Q: Can I use a Makita battery on the cordless vacuum pump?

A: On some earlier production units, it is possible to connect a Makita battery to the pump. It is highly suggested that it NOT be used. Various Makita batteries have different specs which can cause adverse effects to the pump, which include reduced performance, short running time, overheating of the battery and possible explosion. Also note, using un-authorized batteries or power sources will also void the warranty.

Q: How do I shut the beep off on the Intelligent vacuum pump?

A: Press the Start/Stop button to stop the pump, then press again to resume.  The beep will shut off.  Please refer to Bulletin NBP-0001 on our website.

Q: Digital vacuum pump display is incorrect.

A: You can “zero” out the scale by holding the Power button for 3 seconds or the micron sensor may need to be cleaned out.  Clean with alcohol and let dry.

Q: Can I use the NRC62i, Smart Charging Machine to recover refrigerant?

A: No, the Smart Charging machine can only be used for evacuation and charging refrigerant.  It is not a recovery unit.

Q: Charging Station blinks “insufficient pressure”, even though there is still refrigerant in the tank.

A: Because the charging station uses differential pressure to charge a system, there may be a point in which the pressures will equalize, and you will have to use 1 of the 2 methods described.  (1) Close high-pressure valve and run system, slowly open low side valve to meter in remaining refrigerant charge until solenoid valve closes, or (2) warm refrigerant tank with a heating device to raise cylinder pressure.

Q:  I cannot get full charge using Charging Machine.

A: The charging machine relies on Differential Pressure to get the refrigerant to flow into a system. The tank being the high-pressure side, and the evacuated system being the low-pressure side.  Once pressures equalize and refrigerant flow becomes very slow or non-existent, the scale thinks it has an empty tank and sounds the alarm if the total programmed charge hasn’t been reached.   Try using a tank warmer to warm up the tank.   Or, run the system after the partial charge has been put in, but closing the liquid valve and metering the charge in throttling the low-pressure valve to make sure the compressor isn’t saturated with liquid.

Q: Pressure reading is incorrect on pressure gauges.

A: To “zero” out gauge, press and hold the “+” and “-” keys simultaneously for 3 seconds