Company’s product lineup includes tools, gauges, hoses, vacuum pumps, and recovery units, among other solutions to fit any technician’s budget.

Lyndhurst, NJ – the world’s largest supplier of HVAC vacuum pumps in addition to a wide array of tools, gauges, hoses, recovery units and industry-specific items, now offers a comprehensive lineup of high-performance HVAC tools and equipment. Designed to meet the diverse needs of HVAC professionals across the industry, the company’s solutions are built to be simpler, lighter, and faster HVAC solutions that expedite service without sacrificing accuracy.

The company’s latest offerings encompass a wide array of tools and equipment including:

  • Vacuum Pumps: NAVAC offers a versatile selection of vacuum pumps, ranging from 2-12 CFM, which are available in both corded and cordless configurations to meet various application requirements.
  • Recovery Units: NAVAC’s recovery units come in multiple tiers – good, better, and best – providing options that cater to various performance and budget preferences. All units are A2L compatible.
  • Manifold Gauges: NAVAC’s gauge lineup includes Pro-mainstream, Pro Plus-premium, and Digital options, offering technicians precise measurement capabilities for optimal system performance at various price points.
  • Hoses: NAVAC’s hose selection covers all purposes, including charging, evacuation, and recovery. Hoses are available with and without ball valves and come in various diameters including 1/4″, 3/8″, 1/2″, and 3/4″ ID.
  • Tubing Benders: NAVAC offers both power and manual benders, either cordless or corded. Most notable is its new Ratcheting Tube Bender, a compact and reliable tool for smooth sweeping bends featuring 7 sizes in 1 crossbar.
  • Tubing Expanders: NAVAC offers power and manual expanders, available in multiple tiers – good, better, best. Its new Hydraulic Tube Expander features a vacuum-sealed hydraulic system that eliminates the need for oil changes and reduces the physical effort required, making for effortless operation.

“Our comprehensive lineup of tools and equipment underscores NAVAC’s commitment to empowering HVAC professionals with innovative solutions that enhance efficiency, productivity, and performance,” said Keith Keller, Director of Sales at NAVAC. “From vacuum pumps and recovery machines to flaring tools and tube benders, our full-spectrum product line is designed to meet the industry’s evolving needs in all areas from installation to maintenance and repair tasks.”



NAVAC is a global manufacturer that has dedicated over 20 years to the R&D and manufacturing of vacuum solutions and HVAC/R tools. NAVAC draws upon its commitment to technical innovation, strong customer service and robust R&D allocation to deliver solutions offering leading technology, superior quality, and best experience.

Comprising a full lineup of vacuum pumps, recovery units, tubing tools, gauges, and detectors, among other solutions, NAVAC’s product portfolio is designed with one overarching concept in mind: to enhance the work precision, efficiency, and ease for HVAC professionals. At the heart of our innovation is a commitment to user-centric design, integrating advanced technology to meet the dynamic needs of the HVAC landscape without compromising on ergonomics or aesthetics. For more information, visit