The era of smart refrigerant evacuation begins here with the combination ofinverter, vacuum measurement and smart control in one unit, the NRP8Di.
The light-weight, inverter-driven, twin-cylinder vacuum pump delivers high-speed evacuation along with high ultimate vacuum. Vacuum measurement technology precisely measures the system pressure. A digital display provides a comprehensive view of the systems internal vacuum control assures the system’s vacuum by automatically extending the evacuation time after the system reaches the preset vacuum level. A built-insolenoid valve prevents oil back flow and seals the system to preserve the vacuum during power outage or accidental disconnect. Upon completion of operation, the unit will beep to remind the technician that evacuation is complete, so they can move on to the next job.

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Technical Data

Model NP6Di NP8Di
Flow Rate CFM 6 8
Ultimate Vacuum micron 15 15
Pole Number Dual stage Dual stage
Motor Power Hp 3/4 3/4
Inlet Port 1/4"& 3/8" Flare 1/4"& 3/8" Flare
Oil Capacity oz 20 20
Dimensions in 13.6×5.7×11.9 13.6×5.7×11.9
Weight ibs 25.35 25.35
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